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Oral health isn’t just about toothpaste and dental floss. Used properly, those tools can certainly make a difference, but the creation of health is about much more than that.

Stress, diet, environmental factors – even the way our teeth fit together – all combine to either support or hinder the body’s ability to maintain a state of health. Our bodies want to be healthy. And the health of the mouth can have a profound effect on the health of the entire body.

For over 30 years, I have dedicated my dental practice to the pursuit of health. That dedication has not only led me to continually expand my skills in preventive dentistry, but also to pursue ongoing and extensive training in temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), neuromuscular dentistry and functional orthodontics.

Whether you are experiencing pain with the function of your bite or jaw, or you would like to explore the possibilities of straightening and beautifying your smile, or you simply want to keep the teeth you have for as long as possible, my approach is always to help you achieve these goals with your overall health in mind.

This website is a part of that process, offering you not only an introduction to the dental services I can provide, but also a monthly source of new information to help you maintain your progress at home. In the coming months, I hope that you will find yourself returning here again and again as we work together to accept your body’s ongoing invitation to health.

monthly resource

Inflammatory disease in the body can have specific oral complications that should be monitored regularly by a dentist. Learn more this month in Inflammatory Disease and the Mouth.

from martha’s desk

Inflammation is a normal, healthy response to injury or infection. But if the body’s inflammatory response isn’t functioning correctly, inflammation can become a disease of its own.

lectures and learning

Dr. Martha Rich will be teaching Early Orthodontic Intervention with Functional Appliances in association with the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry beginning in October 2014.