“You are a very dear gifted dentist. You have a rare gift of compassion and understanding for the dental and emotional needs of your patients. I felt very cared for during my extensive dental procedure. When I needed assurance and emotional support you were present and offered me your caring heart and gentle hand. I have never experienced such a talented, caring, kind, warm hearted supportive dentist before. You are a rare gift! Thank you for your professional talents and your personal heart. I am very grateful I have put my trust in you.” – Karen B.

“Thank you so much for working me into your busy schedule. Thanks for fixing my broken tooth and healing my abraded tongue. I feel so much better and I am able to speak and eat without pain. You and your staff are so compassionate and caring.” – Suzanna T.

“Dr. Rich’s superior knowledge of TMJ disorders, 
her professionalism, and her interest in me as a person helped me through what would otherwise have been an ordeal. Dr. Rich and her staff are a talented and caring group of women who provided me with the best client service I have seen in the medical industry.” — Cathy G.

“You are truly a gifted physician! You also have the rare virtue of listening to what a person is saying. I am so grateful for your care.” — Renee L.

“Here’s a deeply heartfelt thanks for the many months – 
the years – you all have made me feel so welcome, cared for, and supported at your wonderful office. Coming in for my appointments always made me feel relaxed, safe, and calm – and happy. And my teeth look great AND my migraines are becoming a memory. In short, you all changed my life. I know that a major part of the reason my migraines have disappeared – in addition to the massages, TENS, mouth science, braces, et al – is because of the way in which you all guided me through the phases of discovery and healing. Thank you forever.”— Amy A.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate
 the staff at your office. Alison is always so respectful and explains things as she’s doing them so I know what to expect. It really makes for a pleasant experience.” —Courtney P.

“My association with Dr. Rich started in 1982 
when I went to my doctor complaining that my jaw was dislocating and popping. He advised me to eat soft foods and not chew unless it was necessary. Of course, I did not consider that an acceptable solution. A friend referred me to Martha Rich and I will have to say, it is the best referral anyone has ever given me. She not only corrected my TMJ but has given me many years of highly skilled, professional dental care. She is patient and understanding and believe me I have put her to the test at times! I not only consider her my dentist, but my friend. Her staff is the best! They are friendly and knowledgeable and always make me feel right at home. If you dread going to the dentist, you need to give Martha Rich’s office a call because after the 1st visit you will never go anyplace else.”
— Carla H.

“Dr. Rich’s sleep apnea appliance has allowed me 
to sleep well and get rid of the C-PAP Machine. The appliance is so comfortable, I can’t sleep without it.” — Ed S.

“Thank you so very much for your tireless work 
on my TMJ issues. Your creative approach to treatment, holistic philosophy in healing, and endless patience with my multitude of questions means the world to me! I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am today, about to embark on a longtime dream and adventure, had it not been for your help. Health is the foundation for everything, and you’ve enabled me to start a whole new chapter in life. It’s a gift that you and the team have given me, and my gratitude defies words. Thank you for always making me feel welcome, respected, and supported at each and every visit. And thanks for being exactly who you are, and doing what you do with such kindness.” — Shobha R.

“Dr. Rich and her staff have incredible
 understanding of the complete dental process, which means I get the best care available. On top of that, the office is always very cheerful and fun to be around. I truly enjoy my visits.” — Matt B.

“Martha has been our family dentist for more than 20 years.
 You simply could not find a better dentist or a more caring and attentive staff in Portland. We all have great teeth and oral health thanks to Martha and her staff. But the best part of all is that over the years we have become friends with Martha and everyone in the office… and it just doesn’t get any better than that.” — Walt K., Barbara S. and Wokker K.

“The crown never felt so good. 
Thanks to you and your fabulous staff!” — Dominic G.

“I knew my teeth hurt all the time. What I didn’t know 
was how my dental problems affected my confidence. Within seven months of meeting Dr. Rich, I was pain-free with a beautiful smile. My new smile gave me the poise to speak in public, attend luncheon meetings, and become more visible in my career. Dr. Rich gave me confidence through a new smile. Thank you Dr. Rich!” — Sharon O.

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